Darunnajah is a modern Islamic boarding school, standing in the middle of the metropolitan during the era of modern globalization. In this fresh age, we face to many different new things. One of the keys to reach success is with Language.

In Darunnajah we are obligated to speak bilingual language; English and Arabic. A santri must use and speak with these two languages.

But in this modern age, many students underestimate the use of language. What they didn’t know is that these two languages are very important in their future.

English is the language of the world. English is the main language of the world’s communication.

The whole community uses and speaks English for their relations and connections inter-country. English is the most used language in the history.

Many types of entertainments are based on English. Like YouTube applications, settings, movies, and etc.

Even the airports usually use English as their communicating system or to help the foreigners and passengers needs.

Arabic is the language of the Hereafter. Arabic is the language of the holy Qur’an. With Arabic, we can understand the true meanings of the holy Qur’an.

Arabic is one of the most important educations we need to learn. Arabic is also a famous language and often used in Islamic and Arabic countries, like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey and etc.

That’s why language is very important in our lives. If we want to continue studying abroad, we must learn and master these languages, so that we’ll understand the main courses we’ll get there, In shaa Allah…Written by: Mumtaz Cikal, journalist of Darunnajah