Student of Class Five Participating Kursus Mahir Dasar 2018


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Student of Class Five Participating Kursus Mahir Dasar 2018
Student of Class Five Participating Kursus Mahir Dasar 2018

Sunday-Friday, October, 21-26, 2018, Student of Class Five of Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School having a scout activity called “KMD (Kursus Mahir Dasar)” or “Basic Skill Course” at Nurul Ilmi Darunnajah 14 Islamic Boarding School, Serang, Banten. The purpose is to train us for scouting activity and for organization later.

KMD it’s self is a training of trainer. We’re given a lesson to teach our future student. Either it’s a siaga, penggalang or penegak. The way to teach siaga (Cub Scout and Brownie Scout), penggalang (Boy Scout and Girl Guide) or penegak (Rover Scout and Ranger Scout) it’s different. The younger the student, the closer we are to the student because young student need a good person to be an example, while older student are just need a little correction. They organize by there self.

We were like studying all day 24 hour. It’s devide into three acitivites. Class lesson, field lesson, and games. In class lesson we thought about history of scout what is is, how it will affect us in the future, and how we do it. In field lesson we thought about how ro make a knot, using a compass, drawing panorama, understanding code and semaphore in games we thought to singing yells and games for each student either siaga, penggalang or penegak.

On the final day we having a post test that the lesson we’ve been learn. There are 25 best student the teacher appreciate them with another certificate and achievement. It’s not just a scout activity. This activity is gathering us into unity, making new friend, having fun together. It’s tighiting our friendship bond. There will be so much experience and there will be story told to other, as it’s flow like water. “It’s not they who change us, but we change ourself”.


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