Myths About Boarding School


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Myths About Boarding School

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Aren’t boarding schools for academically gifted students?
You don’t have to be academically brilliant to go to boarding school. Boarding schools take pupils from all walks of life and from all geographies. Boarding schools have a track record of bringing the best out of students and encouraging them to achieve their true potential whether they are academically gifted or not.

Aren’t students expected to always be on their best behaviour at boarding school?
Discipline in boarding schools is undoubtedly better than in state schools because students are taught to respect themselves and those around them. Boarding schools, however, encourage fun and sometimes high spirits in their students.

Children are at boarding school because their parents work overseas
Many students come to boarding school because their parents are working outside of their home country. Most, however, come to boarding school because of the superior education they will receive.

Going to a boarding school means being far away from my family
That’s not necessarily true. You will find boarding schools close to every major city in North America and Europe and many children choose boarding school because they enjoy combining time at home with living at boarding school. They get the best of both worlds.

The sole focus of boarding schools is academic achievement
Absolutely not! Boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than students at state schools – playing sports, engaging in creative endeavors and participating in student government and club activities.


Boarding schools are just for rich kids
No chance.  A family does not have to be wealthy to send their child to boarding school. Many families believe a quality education for their children is worth a few sacrifices. Many boarding encourage students of less-well-off parents to apply for grants, bursaries and financial assistance. Basically if you qualify academically and have good recommendations, you can get in.

Boarding schools don’t let you have a life
While boarding schools will supervise your whereabouts at all times, the idea that you won’t have a life is simply not true. Most adults who went to boarding school acknowledge it was the best time of their lives. Sports, creative endeavour, regular field trips and social activities make for a busy but fulfilled life.

Boarding schools give too much homework
Students are likely to get more homework at boarding school than they would at a state school but teachers know that children do best when they get a proper balance of fun and study.

Boarding schools are tough to get into
Most schools require that you visit the school, attend an interview and take an admissions test. It’s not like registering at a state school and simply turning up. Getting into boarding school can be tough but it’s worth it.

Boarding schools make you do sports
Sports are compulsory in boarding school but they are part of a balanced program comprising academic study and extracurricular activities. At boarding school you will get the opportunity to try sports you have never played before and you don’t have to be sports-gifted to enjoy them.



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