Nov 262007

Sebagai pondok pesantren yang berada di kota metropolitan Darunnajah tidak melupakan kepedulian akan lingkungan seperti kebersihan dan pengadaan green area.

Tamu yang berkunjung ke Darunnajah pada Jum'at 16 November 2007 adalah seorang ilmuwan muslim dari inggris Mr Fazlun Khalid. Beliau adalah seorang ilmuwan yang banyak menulis tentang kepedulian akan lingkungan.

Fazlun Khalid – CV

Positions presently held

Founder Director – Islamic Foundation For Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

Director of Training – Alliance of Religions and Conservation


·                    Islam and Ecology  – Cassell, London; 1992. First Islamic book on ecology in English; contributing editor; now in second print; also translated into Malay and Turkish; now being translated into Indonesian.

·                     ‘Real’ Wealth – A resource pack on Faith and Economics; The New Economics Foundation, London; 1995. Contributed Islam section.

·                    Values and Visions – A Handbook for Spiritual Development and Global Awareness;  Hodder and Stoughton, London; 1996. Collaboration with Development Education Project, Manchester.

·                    Excerpts from the Hadith Literature on Animal Welfare. Collaboration with World Society for the Protection of Animals.

·                    Qur’an, Creation and Conservation; IFEES, Birmingham, 1999. A pack of twenty four photographic slides based on six Ayats of Qur’an plus an instruction manual.  Now used a teaching resource internationally

Adviser and consultant to

·                    India – Islamic Foundation for Science and the Environment.

·                    Indonesia – The Institute of Ecology, Bandung.

·                                         World Wildlife Fund.

·                    Japan  – MOA Foundation, Atami.

·                    Malaysia – The Heritage Trust, Penang.

·                    Saudi Arabia – National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development, Riyadh.

·                    UK -The International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture, Manchester.

The Alliance for Religions and Conservation, Manchester.

·                    USA – CARE International.

International Coalition on Religion and Ecology, Harvard University, Boston, Mass., USA

·                    Zanzibar – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

·                    International – The World Wide Fund for Nature – Geneva and London.

Earth Charter Consultative Committee – New York and Costa Rica.

World Bank.


Of interest

Founder and first General Secretary –Muslim Education Forum, UK; 1989-95